Labels & Stickers

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From circle, square or rectangle stickers through to custom shape stickers, we can print and finish them to your specification.

All our stickers are suitable for internal or external applications. The inks used to print the stickers are UV stable to ensure the finish remains vibrant and clearly visible.

After your stickers have been printed, we can laminate them if required. The clear laminate overlay will act as a protective barrier against abrasion which in turn will prolong the life of the sticker. You can choose from either gloss or matt laminate. Gloss stickers consist of a highly glossy and shiny finish which is a very popular choice for most types of applications. Matt stickers have a satin-like effect with a non-shiny & non-glossy finish. Great for non-reflective applications.

Further Informaton

  • Tool / Machine Identity

    prod1 Great for marking tools or machinery with company logos or contact details. No more confusion or lost tools on site!

  • Hard Hat Stickers

    prod1 For a professional appearance when working in areas where hard hats are required. Branding stickers can be applied to the front or sides of hard hats.

  • Service Labels

    prod1 Plumbers, electricians, mechanics or contractors which carry out periodic services can use stickers to mark the appliance or vehicle etc. with the next service date or company details.

  • Product Branding

    prod1 Bottles, packaging, food items etc. can be marked with company branding or important content information.

  • Window stickers

    prod1 Stickers can be applied internally or externally to windows. Commonly used for shop or vehicle windows.

  • Promotional stickers

    prod1 When used as giveaways stickers are a useful way to pass on information about special offers, your company details or events.