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Lightweight banners
The perfect choice for temporary advertising. These banners are suitable for both internal and external applications. Our lightweight banners are digitally printed then finished with plastic eyelets. Maximum height is 760mm (including eyelets) by any length. Printed with waterproof, UV stable inks make them perfect for external use. With extremely fast turnaround times this banner option is hassle free and budget friendly. Great for car boots, craft fairs, one-off events or even lightweight internal signage.

Price guide including printing and eyelets
1830mm (6ft) x 610mm (2ft) – £40.00
2440mm (8ft) x 610mm (2ft) – £50.00
2440mm (8ft) x 760mm (2.5ft) – £60.00
3050mm (10ft) x 760mm (2.5ft) – £70.00

Heavy duty banners
Either digitally printed or self-adhesive graphics can be applied to the face. The benefit of having self-adhesive graphics is that the information is changeable. All or part or the information can be removed from the banner then new graphics are applied. For example, if you have an annual event, the date or time can be changed making it usable year after year. Simply bring the banner back to us and we can change it for you. Each banner is professionally finished with metal eyelets to ensure a secure fixing. Heavy duty banners can also be double sided if required. The banner material will be blocked so when viewed from the front the graphics on the back won’t show through. Heavy duty banners are commonly used for Schools, Councils, Clubs, Road span banners and scaffolding banners.

Price guide including printing and eyelets
1830mm (6ft) x 610mm (2ft) – £90.00
2440mm (8ft) x 610mm (2ft) – £100.00
3050mm (10ft) x 915mm (3ft) – £120.00

Roller banners
Our premium roller banner is a very popular option as it’s versatile, installs quickly and easily, yet is compact. Great for exhibitions, conferences, seminars or in-store promotions. This freestanding unit has the added stability with two base feet. Simply unpack the unit from its padded carry case, twist out the feet and place on a level surface. Pull the banner out from the unit and suspend it with the included support pole. Job done! When ready to store or transport your roller banner, simple reverse the process by retracting the banner which is under tension back into its unit then pack it away in its padded carry case.

We also supply a deluxe roller banner for superior quality and appearance with an elegant, wide base. Perfect for reflecting upmarket high end events, companies and products launches.

Prices including printed graphic and padded carry case
Premium – 600mm x 1500mm – £100.00
Premium – 850mm x 2000mm – £120.00
Deluxe – 600mm x 1500mm – £180.00
Deluxe – 850mm x 2150mm – £200.00

Further Informaton

  • Banner frames

    Banner framesAluminium frames can be supplied for you to fix your heavy duty banners to. Ground spikes, bungees and storage bag are included with each frame.

  • Scaffold banners

    Scaffold bannersWe also supply bespoke scaffold banners which again can be double sided and blocked then have sleeves along the edges to accommodate your specified size of poles.

  • Roller banners

    Roller bannersA very popular advertising option which is free standing and extremely easy to use. Comes complete with printed graphic and padded carry case.